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Vision for Community Development (VICODE) is a Ugandan registered Non Government Organisation (NGO) under the Reg No. S.5914/ 8674 The organization has been in existence since 2008 and our operational areas are sub counties of Wakiso district in Uganda. The organisational activities are executed within the areas of; Carpentry, Drivers, Metal Works, Tailoring, Confectionery, Poultry, brick laying and construction, site mapping, electronics and painting.

our mission

The mission of the organisation is to forward fundamental changes among the disadvantaged communities, improve functional skilled people and promote for a better standard of living which would enable them to re-awaken, strengthen and unite their population to foster a spirit of development.

our vision

An empowered community where community members are masters of their environment.

our values

Promote Empowerment, Work in partnership with others, and Ensure Accountability and Promote Responsibility.

our objectives

The overall objective for the Organisation is to establish and offer a unique model of care to People who suffer greatly due to HIV/AIDS, Ignorance, Poverty, Illiteracy, Redundancy, Poor Family Planning and Sanitation and Hygiene. A model that takes care of the whole person, including the needs of the body, mind, family and community.

  1. To provide education opportunities for orphaned and needy children in both rural and urban areas.
  2. To collect document, share and disseminate experiences, lessons learnt and best practices for care and support of HIV/AIDS affected persons, their families and communities for prevention of further spread of the disease.
  3. Promoting the Intellectual Development and Self-Esteem of Orphaned and other Vulnerable Children.
  4. To provide community based health care (including Voluntary Counseling and testing services) tailored to the individual's situation and needs for persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  5. To mobilize and support community activities for HIV/AIDS and other diseases , their prevention, management and treatment.
  6. To provide services that mitigates the socio-economic and other effects of HIV/AIDS and other diseases within the communities.
  7. To enhance better heath conditions through mobilization and sensitization of communities on sanitation and hygiene and Eco-San toilets construction.
  8. To set up schools and vocational training centers to equip beneficiaries with requisite skills and knowledge in productive activities for self-reliance and income generating activities as well as talent development.

who do we work with

  1. Community members and their leaders, volunteers and paralegal officers.
  2. Government of Uganda in terms of authorization, and occasional funding for the youth activities.
  3. Sponsors. These include individual members’ contributions from well wishers with who we share similar vision.
  4. Fundraising programs like: Father Christmas, trainings and workshops by participants paying for attendance, charity walks, fundraising dinners, own income generating activities, such as brick making, bee keeping etc

How to get involved

  1. By volunteering in any of our programmes as a participant or a facilitator.
  2. Donations to fund our programmes activities.
  3. Giving gifts to the organization for onward delivery to programme beneficiaries.

Partnership development

  1. Giving Children Hope Initiative (GCHI)
  2. Buwate Sports Academy (BSA)
  3. African's Art Women Initiative for Development (AAWID)
  4. Women of Uganda (WoU)