vision for community development | committee members

Nankinga p. Margaret – Chief Executive Director (CEO)

She is responsible for coordinating, monitoring organization projects . She is also responsible for fundraising programmes, budget formulation and work plans. She is also responsible for the management of finances.

Kizza Stephen – Sponsorship Director

He is responsible for allocation of funds for new and existing projects. He liaises with the Director of Programmes to formulate budget for activities and programmes to sponsor. He is responsible for seeking and securing financial and all other kinds of support from prospective sources. He is also responsible for development of sponsorship programmes that benefits sponsors and the country at large. Participates in development strategy and makes recommendation of r sponsorship.

Matto Annet – General Secretary

She is the secretary for both executive and Board members committees. She is responsible for distribution of agenda for meetings and preparation and distribution of workshop materials during workshops and training sessions. She is also responsible for maintaining of communication between organization, board members and partner organizations. She also prepares annual reports, calls for nomination for vacant positions on the Executive committee. She manages membership fees and renewals. She is responsible for keeping of records of the activities of the organization.