vision for community development | Programmes

child advocacy programme

Advocating for children’s right, protection and care to live in a conducive environment; Children should not be denied food, shelter or education. VICODE intervenes by contacting community leaders and the individual members of the community to create awareness of children’s rights through seminars, workshop and conferences. We work hand in hand with paralegal officers to identify target children and their family needs to find workable solution.

Women advocacy programme

VICODE advocates for women's right to property and fair treatment. Women are empowered with skills of income generating activities and also to adapt a financial saving culture by opening up financial accounts in community saving schemes and in commercial banks. This helps women to access loans which boost their businesses.

We also encourage illiterate women to join adult literacy programs. Such programmes in addition to becoming literate they are taught basic book keeping and records management. We promote girl child education and we discourage early marriages, child labour and child trafficking.

Youth empowerment programme

We support youth empowerment programmes in order to help reduce redundancy and excessive use of drugs and alcohol. We involve youth into employable skills training such as carpentry, tailoring, bricklaying, motor mechanics, shoe making and repair and confectionery, hand craft and painting.

Farming and agriculture for food security and income generation programme

We involve community members in agricultural activities such as livestock farming, piggery and poultry. This is done by getting fast growing breeds of livestock, and teaching members modern methods of farming through workshops and conferences and on site visits of model farms to hands on training. Other activities include: mushroom growing, drip irrigation, horticulture, vegetable gardening and bee keeping.

Health and HIV/AIDS programme

We organize training and create awareness through workshops and seminars on issues related to HIV / AIDS. We encourage community members to go testing and attend to counseling services.

We sensitize the community to use mosquito nets, clear bushes around their surroundings, and fill up places with stagnant water sources. Community members are encouraged to pet prompt treatment to illnesses. We also encourage family members to go for family planning services to avoid unwanted pregnancies and large families that constrain their incomes.

Community members are encouraged to participate in hygiene and nutrition, construction of toilets in homes, health centers and in schools. Communities participate in protection of community springs in order to avoid water borne diseases. We also discourage our community members from sharing accommodation with animals, an act which may compromise their health.

Environment protection programme

We encourage community members on the need to protect the environment. We create awareness of implications of violation of environmental rights. Members are encouraged to plant trees, replace that have been cut especially when making charcoal. Members are encouraged to use energy saving techniques such as charcoal saving stoves.

Members are encouraged to recycle waste materials such as plant residues and kitchen peels to make briquettes. Innovative use of these materials is also encouraged such as the use of drinking straws to make mats, bracelets, bags etc. Waste paper is also used in making curtains and envelopes. In the process members are able to earn money that can improve their lively hood.